DIY Guide: Petrol to gas


by Peter Simmons - ISBN 0 952253216 1 6

A DIY gas conversion guide for the environmentally conscious motorist with the ability and skills to do basic mechanics.

If you can't afford commercial LPG conversions and own an older production line, petrol-engined car [not high-powered, computer-controlled or fuel-injected], are pretty handy with car mechanics, bothered by the pollution you are adding to the environment and the escalating price of fuel, and fancy running your car on a cleaner and cheaper fuel than petrol [and have a few basic tools] this small book is for you. It is suitable for older cars and engines which have a carburetor and distributor [including generators and other standalone engines], and is a basic guide to the process of converting a petrol-fueled engine to run on gas. It also includes lots of links to other resources and information on gas [LPG] conversion, conversion kits and conversion companies.

You get simple step-by-step instructions on how to convert your car to run on gas. Including; a list of tools needed, a short list of [inexpensive] parts needed to do your own gas conversion, and illustrations showing the position of the adaptations necessary and instructions on how to do them. The method outlined is cheap to perform and within the abilities of most who have some experience beyond emptying the ashtray and putting in oil. It doesn't lead you by the hand, but it does give step-by-step instructions, and, while all cars are different, the basic procedure is clearly outlined for you to follow. Although some may find it a bit 'belt and braces', preferring to buy a complete, tailor-made kit, for others, budget is everything. This is guaranteed the cheapest conversion method.

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Petrol to Gas is a DIY gas conversion guide for converting a car to run on liquid petroleum gas, or to be a dual fuel vehicle using LPG or petrol. It is not a conversion kit, as you must assemble the parts you need yourself, but these are easy to come by. Call it what you will; biogas, green fuel, UNIGAS, Liquid Petroleum Gas, auto gas, or CNG, this guide shows how to convert your car to run on clean fuel, which is better for the environment by reducing emissions. The Energy Savings Trust with its Powershift program, is encouraging motorists to change to cleaner gas motoring. Fuelling the future, motoring with gas, the environmental fuel of the future, with fuel economy, and no effect on performance. Environmental, clean fuels offer motoring that can make a difference, and as well as cleaner motoring, it will also save you money by halving the cost of your fuel. Do it yourself, and make your own powershift.

It's extremely satisfying running a car you converted to gas, and good for your wallet too as it will save you half the cost of motoring, so will pay back the cost of this ebook very quickly. The book also includes pages of links to related sites; LPG converters, LPG kits, advice, information and answers to any questions not answered here. If you prefer, you can substitute the generic parts listed in the ebook with parts supplied specifically for gas conversions.

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No animals were harmed in the production of this ebook. No fossil fuels were burned to power the production of this ebook, all electricity used is from renewable sources and supplied by GoodEnergy who are the only power company supplying 100% renewable energy. This powers all Password Publishing's operations. You can therefore purchase with confidence, this ebook is paper free and carbon neutral!

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