Websites The most wonderful site I have ever discovered. Simply breathtakingly beautiful. Treat yourself, choose Enhance Experience when you get there, and sit back and enjoy with your mouse. Reuben McKenna, a new singer songwriter with a powerfully emotional voice, well worth listening to. His myspace page has several tracks to listen to or download from his first CD and some from his second CD also. An aural treat.

Web Templates
A wide selection of professionally designed web templates so you can be online fast and effectively. HTML and Flash sites in a variety of categories to choose from.

A site for anyone who is thinking about getting a dog fior the first time, those who already have a dog and need some advice and information and any dog lovers who like to see pictures of dogs and dog stories

Wild Bird Seed
A site for anyone who likes birds, watches birds, feeds birds or who would like to
Graphic designers, web designers, hsting and advice

Edinburgh Inn, Wells-next-the-sea - a pub with tradition and friendly staff. The beer is excellent and the food wholesome, delicious and locally sourced.

You can use this site to calculate your greenhouse gas emmissions from driving, flying and energy use in the home.

Ecotricity is a UK electricity supplier which supplies renewable energy, and also researches, develops, surveys and builds new wind turbines, thus adding more to the grid. All profits go to expanding wind energy.

Good Energ, although not building it's own wind farms, supplies 100% renewable energy to any household or business in the UK. All energy is sourced from wind, solar and wave power.

When visiting stunning and fragile environments and cultures you want to know that your holiday is benefitting local people, and minimising any negative impacts on the destination. Responsible Travel have screened all the tour companies, accommodations and holidays to ensure that this is the case.

Business Of The Year at the 2004 Startups Awards, GoinGreen is the UK’s first dedicated environmentally friendly car retailer. We care about the world we live in and the one we are leaving behind for our children so for us, transport and ecology can and must develop in harmony. Here you will find the G-Wiz, car of the future. An all-electric car for commuting and general city driving with zero emmissions.

The Phone Co-op
Because it's owned and controlled by it's customers, you can expect a fairer deal on phone calls. They deliver high quality, reliable services as well as having a more ethical and environmentally responsible approach to business.
Savings of up to 84% on international calls, 54% on national calls and 25% on local calls, 1p minimum call charge (compared with BT's 4.2p)
No set up charges, No need to change your number, No need to dial a prefix, Free 0845 number so that friends and family can call you at local rates, Low cost internet and Broadband service.

Consultation on UK Climate Change
Quickly and easily submit your views on the UK Government's review of their programme to tackle climate change. Have your say on energy policy, transport, filthy fossil fuels, mad nuclear energy and wonderful, clean, free renewables!

Shirleys wellness cafe
Natural Medicine for You, Your Family and Your Pets - Healing Oriented to self care, this free educational web site is dedicated to help promote natural health for humans and their animals.


National Association of Writers Groups
Do you belong to a writing group? Are you a short story writer, a novelist, a playwright, a poet, or a non-fiction writer? Then there's something for you on the NAWG website.

Password Publishing Services
Professional publishing services and advice. Typesetting, copy writing, copy editing, proofreading and graphic design.

Book Publishing Forums - Your book forums and community resources


An amusing dub site where you can play by adding sounds; drums, voices etc. with the click of your mouse. Turn your speakers down if playing this at work!

In depth reviews of dating sites with the emphasis on free ones. With so many dating sites on the web, mister-right takes the hard work out of finding the right one.

Komtoo - A computer and web resource


A road travel reporting website, that provides users with the most up-to-date road traffic information. The data is updated every 5 minutes using sensors placed on motorways and common A and B roads.


Qondio - an ever-expanding database of articles

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Qondio - an ever-expanding database of articles

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