Think like a plant - growing vegetables at Broadfield Court

Ebooksby Marion Williams - ISBN 0 9522532 5 9

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The first copies of the paperback version of this book sold within minutes of going on display! It is stocked in libraries and bookshops across Herefordshire and Shropshire and can be ordered here in paperback, or the ebook downloaded after paying at the Paypal link below. 

Broadfield Court is mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086, and vegetables would have been grown there from the start. The walled garden was built around 1823, and has been providing good food for the house’s occupants ever since.

Marion Williams is an estate gardener at Broadfield Court, trained in the traditional ways by her predecessor, and now, in this fascinating book, passing on her knowledge gained over a lifetime of working with the seasons and the weather to produce wholesome food there.

Marion explains in straightforward language how she goes about growing organic vegetables in the ancient walled garden of a Herefordshire estate. The book includes lots of illustrations and recipes from the award winning Court Café menu, and takes the reader through the seasons at Broadfield Court, as the land is prepared, seeds planted and seedlings nurtured and planted out, then tended as they grow and finally harvested on a daily basis and delivered to the chefs in the kitchen for serving delicious, wholesome meals to the visitors, as fresh as could possibly be.

The plants tell us what to do
And the weather tells us when to do it
So think like a plant

But keep an eye on the weather

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Marion Williams

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